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“The weather gods did not look kindly on our intrepid group of canvassers as they headed out last week in both Wimbledon and Tooting. On Monday councillors outnumbered members as we hit the streets of Cannon Hill in an area not especially favourable to hearing our Labour message and once the early evening drizzle turned to persistent heavy rain we decided to call it a day. On Tuesday a group of us joined our comrades in Tooting where the result looks like being close. Here our target was don’t knows, Labour voters we hadn’t contacted recently and those voters we had no information about. On the day our manifesto was officially launched the response on the doorstep was encouraging but we need to continue to go over there whenever we can.

On Thursday the rain returned with a vengeance. However with as many as fifteen members taking part we were able to split into two groups and had a very positive response in Trinity ward where there appears to be a bedrock of Labour support – and the first indications that the Tory manifesto was not that popular? Eventually, with everybody soaked and the voter ID sheets reduced to a pulpy mess, we retired to William Morris House for an update on our campaign so far.

Sunday’s canvassing attracted twelve members and we had a good response in Abbey Ward before some of us retreated to the Garden Shed for lunch. Afterwards we entered Bassett House (Wimbledon Park) named after the legendary Dave Bassett Wimbledon player and manager. This was a slightly surreal experience as the place was as quiet as a morgue, seemingly deserted and with bare walls and carpeted floors it looked like a set from The Shining or a spaceship in Doctor Who. However most of the few inhabitants we encountered were friendly to Labour and this put us in good spirits for our final destination – Pitt Crescent. This was rock solid Labour, very encouraging, and we gave out a number of posters. Let’s hope we can get the vote out there on June 8th. Overall it was a day when the sun really did seem to shine on our efforts. Well done everyone!”

Mark Kenny

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