Election Stall Report – Gill McCall

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“Centre Court, Wimbledon, Saturday 20th May: We had a great day in spite of the squally weather. We had to dive for cover at least 4 times in the afternoon, but in spite of this, spirits were high and the Libdems looked on with envy.

Over 30 supporters came out to campaign with us over the day: Members of the NUT joined us in the morning. Lots of political discussions, leafleting and campaigning; Our stall was graced with a great poster from 11 year old Vania and Rodney provided live Klesmer music on his fiddle.

We gave out over 12 Membership Application forms, found a new young guitarist who will play for us next Saturday, made more contacts keen to campaign with us … I believe that even Iain McNichol came out to see the stall.

Join us next Saturday for a bit of Election Camaraderie: the themes will be Housing and Pensioners.

Everyone welcome.”

Gill McCall

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