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Wimbledon Labour Party has issued the following statement regarding Cllr Imran Uddin’s difficulties with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. 


“We are obviously very disappointed to have learned of the situation in the past few days and we have written formally to Cllr Uddin seeking clarification. Until we have further information we must reserve judgement, and can make no comment on the action taken by the SRA.


“Local residents will make their own decision as to how to vote on the 8th of June. What is clear is that Labour nationally is offering real investment in our health service, schools and the police and will protect all but the top 5% of earners from any increase in income tax. 


“If the Tories win the election the Metropolitan Police faces cuts of £400m, on top of £600m since 2010, putting 12,800 officers’ jobs at risk. Labour will reverse  these cuts, will end the Conservative hand-outs to the rich and will negotiate a Brexit deal aimed at achieving a new partnership with Europe that will strengthen our economy.


“Wimbledon Labour Party remains committed to achieving a fairer society that works for everyone, not just for the most well off, and we hope that residents will vote to support these values.”

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