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Campaign Report

I would like to start by saying a giant thank you to all volunteers who helped with our General Election campaign.

Labour campaigns are built by individuals coming together with a collective goal, inspired by hope and driven by the belief that we can achieve more when we stand together than we do alone.

Whether you gave up an hour on polling day or the campaign consumed your life for the past seven weeks; whether you delivered leaflets, staffed phone banks, talked to the public at our street stall or on the doorstep; your contributions to the campaign ensured that our campaign was diverse and vibrant.

Together, we delivered a brilliant result. With an excellent turnout of 77% in Wimbledon, we increased the Labour vote from 12,606 (26% of the vote) in 2015 to 18,324 (36% of the vote) in 2017, which more than halved the Tories majority. The Lib Dems achieved 7,472 votes, firmly placing them in third place for the second time running.

Further details of the results can be found here.

Nationally, the party made some brilliant advances.

In our neighbouring constituencies, Rosena Allin-Khan and Siobhain McDonagh held their seats with greatly increased majorities, and in the fierce battleground of Croydon Central, Sarah Jones unseated Gavin Barwell.

Further afield, taking Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, as well as Canterbury which had been Tory for a century, were truly incredible results.

The national Labour campaign led by Corbyn offered a real alternative to Tory austerity, reinvigorating disheartened voters, and going from strength to strength to deliver remarkable national results.

Looking forward, I am excited to be working with you all to build on these results in the coming months. We will continue on our path to ensuring we bring about positive change and challenging the Tories in Wimbledon. I hope you will join me as we set our sights now on our local elections in May 2018

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