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What is a Ward?
A ward is a local authority area, typically used for electoral purposes. Wards are usually named after neighbourhoods, thoroughfares, parishes, landmarks, geographical features and in some cases historical figures connected to the area.

What are Councillors?
Wards usually have 3 councillors.  Councillors, or members, are elected to represent the views of their constituents and to take up matters of council business on their behalf as well as guiding the overall policies of the council.

The councillors make policy decisions, taking into account public opinion and officer advice. council staff put these policies into effect. The council also carries out consultation with local people on a range of issues, and works closely with other local organisations.

New members
If you are a new member and want to help labour locally, a great way to start is to contact the secretary of your ward and attend your local ward meetings. Using the search below, you can type your postcode to find which ward you belong to, and the contact to find their contact details.